Fire Administration / Emergency Management Report

Dear Residents of Forest Park,

I am pleased to provide this update and have included pertinent information on ongoing projects from previous reports. We have been busy updating policies, recruiting firefighters making purchases, applying for grants, and repairing equipment. Spencer has purchased a new apparatus valued at over 600,000.00 and we have been outfitting it with equipment and training on operations. Two new emergency generators have been installed and are operational, we have completed repairs on our brush pumpers and received graphics as required to identify all our fire apparatus properly in accordance with county policies. Most of the “air management” equipment acquired by the REAP grant has been received and all backordered equipment is scheduled to be in by December.  In addition to the grants listed below I received confirmation this week (10/16) that I received an additional 80/20 grant from the Department of Agriculture for 11,000.00 for “bunker gear” we plan to purchase 5 sets to complete a project started last year. I also found out that our operational grant came in at just under 10,000.00 making this the best year ever for grant funding at a total of $176,000.00 in grants, what a great year! The paragraph below is from the July report and a summary of some of the grants. 

 There is a lot going on with grants, we typically receive grants every year. This year is exceptional! I am finishing the required training and management responsibilities of the Grant Provision Agreement between Forest Park and Oklahoma County. Through it we received radios (Base, Mobile, Pagers and Handhelds) that are superior to anything we could have hoped for, valued at $90,000.00. We are working on the final phase of the R.E.A.P. “Air Management” grant valued at $35,000.00 and I am assisting with the R.E.A.P. grant for emergency back- up generators valued at 30,000.00 (written and managed by Tyra Nash-Richmond). I am waiting to receive confirmation from the Department of Agriculture on the “Operational Grant” that will be somewhere between 5,000.00 and 10,000.00 Dollars for equipment, and there is potential for other opportunities coming up as well! 

Not listed above are the training grants we have qualified for and continue to receive. We have firefighters completing various important classes including Firefighter I, Firefighter II, EMT, Hazardous Materials “Operations” and “Technician” levels and other classes as well. These classes are grant-funded for volunteers and our expenses for books and computer access are minimal. Also, we continue to recruit volunteers that have completed training academies locally that provided them with hundreds of hours of training as part of an aggressive and challenging accreditation program.  We have a great group of dedicated volunteers that are well equipped and professionally trained to protect our citizens!

The fire department is happy to answer questions, do assessments and/or make recommendations with your safety in mind. If anyone would like to discuss any safety issue, please leave your contact information with the front desk at town hall and a representee will contact you for an appointment, Thank you!

Respectfully submitted,
Wesley "Chuck" Blair
Fire Administration / Emergency Management