From the Mayors Desk

Greetings Forest Park residents and visitors to the Forest Park website!  The end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 presented an array of changes and challenges for the residents of Forest Park, and I am happy to report we have been victorious in both changes and challenges.

In June 2023, there was a challenge by a medical waste transfer company to set up shop on property that was contiguous and adjacent to Forest Park (near the corner of N.E. 23rd and Coltrane).  The approval of this transaction had to go through two boards, the OKC board of parks and recreation and the City of Oklahoma City Council.  Forest Park residents, our State Representative Jason Lowe, Councilperson Nikki Nice, Ward 7 OKC, as well as Oklahoma City residents turned out in mass in both board meetings to voice displeasure of the approval of this transaction.  There are environmental and health issues with medical waste, including blood borne pathogens, possible contamination of well water, and existing concerns with several waste dumps located in and around Forest Park. Property valuations were high on the list of concerns.

The vote was unanimous with both boards voting against permitting the medical waste transfer company to operate on that property.  I want to express my appreciation to all residents who supported physically and spiritually helping us prevail in our efforts to keep environmental and societal issues from encroaching on our town.

In January 2024, that property owner offered that property to the Oklahoma County Commissioners to build the new county detention center.  The offer was performed behind closed doors and contradicted a motion that was moved, seconded and approved by the county commissioners earlier to not place the county detention center in Northeast Oklahoma County.  The agenda item was placed on the February 21 County commissioners meeting. 

Rep Jason Lowe informed us of the new development on the weekend preceding the meeting, and a strategy was formulated to combat this relocation effort.  The strategy included a march from 23rd and Coltrane to the County office building on Hudson & Robert S. Kerr, an emergency meeting of the Forest Park Trustee Board approving legal action against the County commissioners for the proposed site if approved, garnering as many constituents as possible to attend in support, and a surprise strategy by Forest Park mayor.  We were victorious; however, we need to remain vigilant as to what can take place on that property.

On a victorious note, the changes are the Forest Park trustee board approved the annexation of R.W. Timms Texas Investments, LLC, located at 4700 N. Bryant. (The old Hugg & Hall building.)  R. W. Timms provides leasing and is leasing this property to White’s Welding. White's Welding, LLC is a premier welding and fabrication company with over 22 years of experience designing and building sophisticated equipment for a variety of different industries. With a focus on the energy sector, they are committed to the future of electric power. Their goal is to provide the highest quality products and services to their customers, while keeping safety and integrity at the forefront of their business.

With this annexation Forest Park is continuous on Bryant from N.E. 30th to N.E. 50th.  The trustee Board of Forest Park is remaining vigilant to protect and preserve the dignity and history of Forest Park and are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve upon that.  We have developed very good community relationships with our corporate and business customers and will continue to do so.  If you have an opportunity to support one of the businesses, I encourage you to do so.  You will enjoy an unforgettable experience.  Until next time, be safe!!!

Mayor George H. Smith